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The delights of sharing food are among the most enjoyable of experiences

At Tapas by Gauchos, we believe that friendship, love and laughter are all essentials of life, and that the delights of sharing food are among the most enjoyable of experiences. Tapas are the ideal way of sharing with you our enthusiasm for preparing sensational food and our love of long, lingering, relaxed gatherings with our families and friends. Discovering together delightful flavour combinations is a wonderful experience, so Tapas by Gauchos set out to bring our expertise working with top quality ingredients and our obsession with style and elegance to one of Gibraltar’s historic settings.

This is why we set about creating an innovative tapas dining experience in Gibraltar’s vibrant Chatham Counterguard. Tapas by Gauchos is situated in one of the vaults at the Counterguard, named after the Earl of Chatham, who was Governor of Gibraltar during part of the 1820s. Chatham Counterguard was originally constructed in the 1790s by British forces to strengthen the defence of the harbour and city of Gibraltar. Nowadays the vaults, which once held stores and ammunition for the military, is a row of lively bars and restaurants.

Our chefs are masters of the art of tapas dining. Working with the best ingredients, preparing everything by hand and using fresh products, making the most of the glorious flavours of seasonal produce, they create traditional masterpieces and inspiring innovations to tempt your palate. Our Head Chef has trained and worked in notable establishments in Spain, including at the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona. He only works with completely fresh products and hand makes all stocks and sauces as this is the best way to capture the essence of each ingredient. Our Sous Chef is highly experienced in creating and preparing tapas, a young expert in classic tapas and in creating modern, innovative tapas dishes. These two energetic and enthusiastic chefs have a natural synergy and dynamism, between them creating a perfect selection of tapas dishes for your enjoyment.


At Tapas by Gauchos we love our food as we love life: with passion and with joy. We refuse to compromise on quality and only work with the best ingredients and plough all our energy into creating sensational dishes. We capture the essence of traditional Spanish food: the zest of lemons just ripe from trees in nearby orchards; the tang of olives from groves overlooked by medieval castles in the sierras; the delicate flavours of cured Iberian ham from acorn-fed herds that roam wild in the Mediterranean hills. We complement these with wines that tantalise the palate and warm the soul. We blend into the mix the beat of the dancers’ heels on wooden floors, the melodies of the guitars, the sultry heat of August starlight and the quickened pulse of the duende to create an unforgettable tapas experience.